Plaster Cornices

plaster Cornice 800xAPC-004100

Cornices from £4.50 LM

Our exquisite cornices can compliment and add character to your room. The addition of plaster cornices (often referred to as plaster coving) can enhance a room making it stylish and elegant.

There is a wide range of styles and options to choose from and we are happy to give you help and advice, so you get the look you want.

Our Promise to you...

You can book a consultation with no obligation to show you in person examples of our high quality plaster cornices & plaster coving.

We will provide you with completely free advice so if you are unsure how best to tackle your project, why not ask the experts?

If you would like more information on Plaster Cornices & Plaster Coving or any of Decorative Plaster Products,

please do contact us on 01277 625 640.


Below is a selection of images showing some of our plaster coving / cornices.


plaster coving not enriched