Plaster restoration

Plaster Restoration

T&O have a broad customer base at home and abroad. With in depth expertise, specialists in both external and internal refurbishment work of the highest standard.

Our plaster restoration expertise spans over 40 years and is second to none.

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Interior Plaster Restortion

T&O Plaster Castings London have over 40 years of experience in restoring architectural plaster work to its former glory.

We have restored everything from plaster statues in private homes to vast, highly decorated ceilings in period, commercial properties.

We have a vast library of intricate plaster mouldings available.These include beautiful hand carved wood block reverse moulds, which are a work of art in themselves!



exterior plaster restoration

Exterior Plaster Restoration

Sand and cement or carved stone were traditionally used. Nowadays, their modern equivalents are reconstructed stone, GRP, jesmonite and GRC.

These products are extremely durable enabling,T&O to produce the most detailed exterior mouldings.We undertake restoration and renovation of stucco, GRG, GRC and GRP.

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